Private Dance Lessons

At first glance, Private lessons may appear more expensive than classes, but what you learn in just one hour would take 4 or 5 group classes or more in some cases to accomplish, so it is quicker and more efficient. You may choose to come on your own, with a partner or in a small group
Whether you want to brush up your skills from the group classes or catch up on missed lessons or fast track your progress or simply want to learn to dance with your partner, private lessons offer you a quick solution to that end.
Private dance lessons are one-on-one with your expert teacher, who will guide you on a regular basis through the dances of your choice.
Private lessons are available every day of the week including Sundays by appointment. Call us to discuss your needs.

Private Lesson Packages

45 min r $98

5 Pack (45min) $475

10 Pack (45min) $920

20 Pack (45min) $1790