Start Dancing Today!


What level am I?
This is always a complicated question which is quite challenging to answer when we’re not actually on the dance floor with you, but here is a guide.
If you’ve never danced at all before, start at level 1 new beginners
If you’ve danced before, but not in the style you’ve chosen, have a private lesson to catch up and try level 2 continuing beginners.
If you are experienced in the style you’ve chosen, try level 2 or 3 and/or book a private lesson to assess with your instructor where you’d best fit in.>
If you come with a partner and you are both experienced in the style, simply start at level 2 but don’t rotate partners for a couple weeks until you get used to it our methods and terminology.
Private Lessons
Alternatively, you can opt to learn via private lessons. Whereas the cost per hr is more, you will cover up to 3 or 4 times the amount you’d cover in a regular class, in just 1 private lesson, so the value is pretty much equitable. In addition, you are not locked in to a set weekly class time – you can book and cancel and re book with relative freedom.

This option is well worth considering if:-
You have somewhat of an irregular schedule.
You feel a little shy to dance with others.
You really feel like you’re trailing behind in the class, or can’t face a class full of people you can always try a private lesson – it can be well worth it. Private lessons allow you to tailor the class to your own pace and you will have the instructor’s undivided attention for the whole hour. You can schedule them as regularly or infrequently as you please and they offer the flexibility of paying casually or paying for a block to receive a discount. You can have your lessons on your own ( the most effective for your dollar) or you can team up with as many as 3 others to make it more cost effective, but you will of course only get 1/4 of the time devoted to you. Either way it’s a worthwhile option but does not replace the need for practice!

How long does it take to learn?
How quickly you will learn all depends on you. Everyone is different and learns at a different pace. The one thing that is certain is that the more you practice the quicker you will assimilate. If you’re really in a bit of a hurry, you might like to consider a combination of private lessons and courses to accelerate the process a bit. Dancing is also not a finite thing so your learning could be long term or short term depending on your preference.
Everyone was once a beginner!
No matter what you see or how you feel about your own skills – EVERYONE was once a beginner!
The ‘hot shots’ on the dance floor OUGHT to be dancing that well, since they spend the vast majority of their time dancing, while other folk are at work earning a living!
You will learn at your own pace no matter what, and the more you worry about it the slower you will find you progress. So just try to relax and allow yourself to not know anything for a while; it won’t be too long before that fact changes rapidly. Enjoy the process of learning and don’t beat yourself up – be kind to yourself and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
Measure your success only by comparison to yourself and appreciate how far you’ve come – everyone else around you is far too worried that you will laugh at them to risk a sideways glance, so…. RELAX!!!
Remember that dance is for fun and making friends. If you don’t get it as quickly as you anticipated, nothing tragic will happen, and the class will still be there next week! No world crisis will occur because you’re not as fast as you want to be. It’s only a matter of time – so take your time!
Ask for help if you’re struggling with anything; don’t be afraid to ask, no matter how silly you think it is. There is a good chance you’re not the only person wondering, and the answer to your question will probably be helpful to several people in your class. If you’re seriously feeling behind, consider a private lesson.
HELP! I can’t hear the Rhythm!
The good news is you are without a doubt, NOT alone in this dilemma; MANY people find it quite challenging. We have several methods of introducing you to rhythm and music, some of which you will be aware of and others are built into the classes. The key is however repetition and practice. The more you hear it, the more familiar you become and before you know it, you can’t work out why you found it so hard in the first place!
Do I need to be Fit?
You don’t have to be fit to get started. At first it’s no more energetic than a walk, but as you progress and you learn more, gradually you will become more active and gently increase your capacity. The good thing about it, is that you will have so many things to think about you won’t have time to notice your activity output increasing until the end of a class when you find yourself a little flushed and smiling!
What is the average age of the students?
Age is not something we ask our clients on registration, so we can’t be accurate there. Also each term brings new people and they’re always different, so the best we can do is hazard a guess. Our students tend to range quite widely between kids and teens to approximately 60 something. Partner dancing is not age restrictive and is suitable for all ages. Don’t worry about it just get moving!
What to wear
You should wear something comfortable.
Any smart casual attire with lots of room to move easily in is fine. Avoid jackets, pencil skirts, ties, long sleeved shirts or anything too warm or restrictive.
Shoes – Please avoid thongs, slippers, mules or open toe sandals; we recommend shoes with a low heel that have an ankle strap or are closed altogether, and are secure around your ankles. Sneakers/trainers are okay to start with, but will later prohibit movement.
The best options are:- Walking shoes or soft jazz shoes are a great option to start off with. But of course nothing is as suitable as proper dance shoes! We can help you with that too!
Cancellations can be made by logging into your account and cancelling the scheduled lesson or class. Please be sure to make your cancellation no less then 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson or class otherwise the system will automatically debit your account 1 session if you do not do so. If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us.