All Dance Classes for Kids at Beacon Hill Dance Studio – are held at Beacon Hill Public School Hall – Tristram Road, Beacon Hill, NSW 2100 Australia

DanceSport Confidence has been teaching at Beacon Hill Dance studio for kids for five years. Our superstar dance instructor Stephanie Cappas leads all of the dance classes for Beacon Hill Dance Studio at Beacon Hill Public School Hall. Beacon Hill Dance studio is one of our most successful studios winning multiple awards each year.

DanceSport has become the most popular style at Beacon Hill Dance Studio for Kids. This modern version of ballroom dancing is now an Olympic Sport. As a company, we strive to provide not only fun and dynamic dance classes for kids, we believe that each child has distinct learning needs; therefore, we focus on the individual development of each child. DanceSport teaches the kids not only the basics of dance but also helps to gain emotional control, develop courage and self-esteem. 

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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”

Our highly experienced and talented team demonstrate the DanceSport Confidence learning program. All classes are designed in such a way the kids not only grow as young dancers but also develop a strong foundation in values of respect, communication, resilience and adaptive thinking. Furthermore, each student gets proper attention to ensure they can maximize their potential.

At DanceSport Confidence, we provide a supportive and supervised environment that concentrates first on building the self-esteem and confidence of kids. Our aim is to deliver the fun and fitness aspect of dancing, while learning skills to navigate the challenges of life.

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Here is what other parents say about us

“My daughter was involved in the year 5 school program and loved it so much we have continued in the after school program. Gordon, Steph and the Dancesport team are passionate about dance and excited to share this with children and their families. My daughter is looking forward to the next competition!”

Lauren Bannerman, Parent
“This is a wonderful organisation it instils fantastic values and confidence in children I would highly recommend this organisation.”

Samantha Chiplen, Parent
“Such a great initiative for kids. I wish this could continue right through high school.”

Toni Lorefice, Parent
“What an incredible experience! Every child should have the opportunity to be involved in the Dancesport program at school”

Mack Roth, Parent
“Just wanted to let you know that after 3 weeks Hudson is LOVING the Earlwood class!! He is so excited to go each week and raves afterwards. And I can’t tell you how lovely and welcoming Miss Sherrie and the class have been to him – they are amazing!! It is so heart warming to see the smile back on his face for his dancing.”

Suzanne Young, Parent

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